~ Cool for the Summer ~


Is your summer body ready?

Or have you reached your summer health and fitness goals yet?

Well if you haven’t, let’s just be clear – IT IS NOT TOO LATE!

You may have slacked off during the rest of the school year with your health and fitness goals, but making a change begins with the end in mind and starting the moment you want to achieve something.

I get it. It is heading into finals and all you want to do is sleep and just drop out and become a stripper. We have all been there, but before you know it, you have made it through finals with a fun summer ahead of you.

As a college student that is completely exhausted and feeling absolutely no motivation to do any school work, I push through it, and I work through my stress by going to the gym.

Taking 18 credits this semester has been absolutely, without a doubt, HELL. I have never had so much to do in my life, but I have pushed through it, got it done, and moved forward.

Okay, sorry. Back to the summer body discussion.

I know that when dealing with finals, your health and fitness goals for the summer are the last things on your mind.

But you really should just take a few minutes out of your day and just set some goals to achieve before summer begins. That way when you get out of school, you don’t feel sluggish or out of shape when summer begins. You will feel so confidence and energized to make this summer the best one yet!

Go to the gym or if you don’t have a gym, go on a run and do some home exercise workouts. Eat healthy and consume food that is good for your heart and your brain. Take out all your frustrations of this past year at the gym.

Kick ass. Look great. Feel great. Be a badass and thank the lord that summer is almost here!

Although we all just want to drop out from this hell we think we are living in, just remember that it will all pay off in the long run. So remember…

Stay fit and stay in school.




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