End of the Semester – Burnt Out Blues

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So this is a more personal post again, but I feel like many people can relate to it.

It is towards the end of the spring semester, and I feel absolutely, without a doubt – burned out and exhausted. I just have no ambition to do anything other than veg-out and watch Netflix all day. I only do that occassionally, and I still go to all my classes, submit my assigments on time, apply for scholarships, go to work, and go to the gym, but it is a struggle to do so every day. Every morning I have to talk myself into getting out of bed and doing what needs to be done.

I am just tired. I am tired of writing because that is pretty much what I have to do for every class, and I am tired of having to go to certain events or activities because of an obligation to a class or organization I am a part of. I know that sounds bad, but this is how I feel, and I know I am not alone.

Although it may seem hopeless to get out of this burnt out, exhausted state, I have sought out some guidance that could help me and all you college students out there so here we go!

If you want a more scientific resolution to your funk then Science Of The People, introduces the science of moods so check out the hyperlink!

If you want more personal suggestions then keep reading because it is definitely worth it if you want to find some answers!

According to the Odyssey, a few things that we could do to get out of this funky phase is to of course drink water, listen to music, sleep, indulge in our favorite books or foods on occasion, and last but not least, exercise!

Another website, And Here We Are, suggests 10 ways to get out of a funk so I will break them down for you:

  1. Go to bed at a decent hour, eat healthy, and make sure you are getting your vitamins
  2. Acknowledge and dig deep into the issues of why you are feeling like you are in a funk
  3. Write about it – Believe it or not, writing can actually be a huge stress-reliever and get you to the real source of why you are feeling the way that you do.
  4. Get creative by either indulging in a hobby, dancing, or just doing something that gives you some happiness.
  5. Turn your negative energy into positive actions – For me, when I feel burned out or in a depressive state, my room turns into a disaster because I think I just don’t have the energy to pick up and clean it at that moment. However, when I do clean it and keep up with it, I feel better and more motivated to conquer more of what the day or week has to offer.
  6. Get a massage or stretch out just to feel the tension in your body subside for a little while.
  7. Embrace the funk – You are allowed to feel this way for a time. Just embrace it for a little while, learn from it, and recharge.
  8. Be kind – Go and do something for someone else, or let others know that you appreciate them. Being kind not only heals others around you, but it also heals yourself.
  9. Exercise and sweat out all those negative toxins!
  10. Laugh – Laughing is an incredible stress reliever and makes you forget about your issues for those few seconds. Go to a movie, watch some funny videos, or joke around with friends because those are the moments that help you become a more positive and uplifted person.

Whatever you may be feeling, there is a reason for it and you are allowed to feel that way. Do what you believe is best for you and what will make you happy. Even with my own struggles right now, exercise is my outlet and my happiness. I feel myself just emotionally and physically rejuvinated after a workout because I know I did something good for my mind and body. I know it may be hard to get the motivation to go to the gym, but once you are there and you finish strong, you will feel better.

It is hard to regret going to the gym.

I hope you all have done well this semester and good luck on finals! Summer can’t come soon enough!

Stay fit and stay in school.




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