Spring Break Trip Recovery!


So if you are going to do anything for spring break or have already had one, this is the post for you.

I have been on the best spring break trip of my life this past week by going to none other than London, England!!!

Now even though I saw the Queen of England, Charles Dance, Daniel Craig, watched famous musicals, and visited all the historic sites, I still had a hard time not thinking of working out and the fear of gaining weight.

Although there was a gym at the hotel I was staying at, I only went to it twice that week because of how early we all had to get up anyways to go and visit all the sites London has to offer. I mean we did walk like 10 miles a day, but I still felt like I was losing all the progress I have made before when I was going to the gym almost every day.

I had to gain some insight so I contacted two instagram fitness bloggers and told them about my problem which was that I want to enjoy the food, but I feel like I am not enjoying myself due to the constant fear of gaining weight on the trip. Both bloggers did not get back to me, but one associate connected to one of them said that it is okay to relax your body for a period of time. A week will not set you back, just make sure you do not go overboard with the food, but definitely enjoy the meals you have.

That is exactly what I did, and I only worked out at an actually gym two days of that week! Although, it feels a lot better after a workout than none at all, my body has needed this rest, and it has refueled me to get out of the gym rut I was in with the consistent routine and boring meals.

Tomorrow is Monday, and I am ready to improve my body physically and mentally by eating right and having a great workout tomorrow.

My entire point of this story is that when you are on a spring break trip, do not worry about  where the nearest gym is or what the healthiest meal on the menu is. Take that trip, enjoy every minute of it, and return to reality refueled and ready to go back at it with the progress you want to make with your mental and physical health.

Our bodies need a rest, so remember that on your spring break trip.

Have a great Sunday night and a fabulous Monday!

Stay fight and stay in school.





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