College Meal Plans ~ What Not To Do!!


College meal plans are usually one of the worst ways students gain weight, specifically freshmen. Not only do freshmen have a cultural shock experience, they most likely will have a college meal plan since they are living in the dorms, so they are tempted with cheap, unhealthy food that is easily accessible.

The options for college meal plans are usually very selective. They either offer:

Breakfast options – eggs, hashbrowns, bacon

Bread options – bagels, loafs of bread, torillas

Limited salad bar





Sandwich options

Different types of chicken -like grilled or fried chicken


Mashed potatoes

Types of potato fries



During my freshmen year, it was hell trying to lose weight and get fit. Even though I worked out all the time, and tried to eat healthy, I still gained weight.

You can only have salad, grilled chicken, and brown rice for so long before you go insane.

For breakfast, I would go down to the cafeteria and get an omelet, but none of the things that were served were naturally made. It was all processed except for the fruit they served.

For lunch, I would try to have a salad and make a turkey sandwich with pesto, cheese, and whole wheat bread, but the turkey they served was slimmy and processed.

For dinner, I would have grilled chicken (if they served it that day), brown rice, and salad.

It was so tempting to not have potatoes, or any other high-carb foods, and each time I did, it all added up and I ended up gaining around 10 to 15 pounds.

I hardly had desserts, but when I did, it would be late at night so everything again would just add up.

Learn from my mistakes my friends!

Here are the dos:

Portion your meals, and treat yourself to something unhealthy only once or twice a week.

Try your best to eat as much salad as you can with grilled chicken. Also, try to be creative with the healthy options they serve.

I know its hard, but portion control is key!

Here are the don’ts:

Do not always eat at the cafeteria because it tempts you to always go back for more food. Try to take it to-go more than you eat at the cafeteria.

Resist the temptations to always eat the unhealthy foods. I know its hard, but the key to getting fit on a college meal plan is resistant and portion control. It will pay off in the end, and you will feel and look better for it!

Stay fit and stay in school.




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