Happy March! New Month, New Start


This week will be a little different than the ones before because it is about personal honesty so here goes nothing.

For me personally, this February was one of the hardest, most painful months of my entire life. It has given me painful experiences that threw me to the floor, but with close friends and professional guidance, I am picking myself back up.

I will not settle for ordinary. I will strive for the extraordinary.

Extraordinary life. Extraordinary love. Extraordinary friends. Extraordinary career. Extraordrinary self-love.

This is a new month and a chance to start fresh and give your all to everything you are seeking whether it be academically, personally, or professionally. As a college student, it is good to start with a fresh mind after a month ends and a new one begins. A lot of people just have resolutions for the year, but I believe that setting and achieving small goals each month can make you feel more accomplished and refreshed for the present and future.

Set your goals, stay on track, work your ass off, and just don’t forget to smile.

Honestly, I have had a hard time taking my own advice with all the struggles I have gone through recently.

In college, there are the possibilities of getting your heart broken, feeling unwanted, lonely, or not good enough whether it be with academic or personal relationships. Trust me, I have been there, and have recently gone through all of those things. It can be tramatic and devastating, but I have learned that it cannot dictate your life. You have to get up, move forward, and never settle.

Don’t ever settle for less than what you know you deserve.

Find your inner peace and what makes you feel good about yourself. If it is working out, great. If it is just watching Netflix or funny videos then that is fine too. Just make sure you physically and emotionally feed your body and mind with positivity, healthy foods, and productive exercise.

It is a fresh start so get up, dress up, and step outside for a fresh new day and month of new beginnings and the extraordinary.

Stay fit and stay in school.






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