Now Lets Talk Exercise!


Everyone goes at their own pace with exercise routines, but it is important to push yourself and feel the burn so you can burn that pesky fat and calories.

Whatever your goals are for your fitness and physique, there are certain factors that need to be included if you want to see any results. You must have some type of cardio and some type of weight lifting whether or not you want to slim down or bulk up.

If you want to gain more muscle you should focus more on lifting weights than cardio, but that does not mean that you can eliminate cardio all together. Twice a week, I would recommend you jog on the treadmill or do a HIIT workout that burns fat fast and gets your heart rate up.

If you want to lose weight and have a smaller physique then you should be doing cardio more regularly, and also lift weights so you can look more defined.

I am trying to maintain a balance with slimming down and gaining muscle.

This is my own personal workout:

Treadmill at level 20 incline at a 4.2 speed. Every 3 minutes I stay at 4.2 or 4.3 and then for 30 seconds I increase the speed to 6.0 and then I reduce the speed to 4.2. I continue to do that until I reach 20 minutes. This usually burns 400 calories and I am absolutely drenched with sweat after that session.

Next I focus on one part of the body for the rest of the workout

Mondays – Abs

Tuesdays – Legs and Butt

Wednesdays – Arms and Back

Thursdays – Abs

Fridays – Rest

Saturdays – Legs and Butt

Sundays – Arms and Chest

With each part of the body I do usually around 6 exercises with 3 sets of 15 to 20.

Whether you are using machines at the gym or doing some home workouts with no equipment, here are some exercises that will make you feel the burn.

Cardio –

Ab Day –

Leg and Day –

Arm Day –

Chest Day –

Back Day –

Also for more cool exercises, follow SuzieB Fitness LLC, SHONDA, Cristina Capron, and Theresa (tmiller_fit) on Instagram and Facebook!

Stay fit and stay in school.









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